Beware the use of social networks

Today we begin a new section on our website, chatting a bit of everything, I hope you enjoy it!

Let's talk a little about the risks of social networks. When I started using them, especially Facebook, a few years ago. I did it out of curiosity like many, to see what it was. Granted it was a precursor of this being connected, scouring the web I found I had a lot of chat rooms back in 1998, yep, these were the first forms of contact with others when the Internet emerged. Following Facebook, initially only I had in my contacts to my family and friends, and of course devoted considerable playing little games that offers various social network (I recognize that I'm still doing) time.

 As I involving me in the work of the networks began to expand my list of contacts to a lot of people who did not know personally, and they were showing me how vulnerable we become when we have no knowledge of how these networks function. First I would like to remind you that everything we publish on the Internet never disappears! There is always someone who can make a screenshot, save information, see our publications etc. So let us be careful with the information we share. If we use social networks for the only purpose of being connected with our friends and family, we must consider a few things:

  1. let us take care of our privacy settings. It is advisable to adjust the privacy preferences to only see our publications our friends. (No public or friends of friends).
  2. Never publish phone numbers, addresses, etc. in our information. Especially our homes. We often forget that we published is information, and the time without realizing publish things like: Happy on our vacation! We are enjoying the sea !!!!
  3. By accepting as a friend to someone who do not know, observe their profile before accepting it. See how long you have the account, which many friends have, if you have friends in common, such as publications, etc. Although it seems invasive this will help us prevent unpleasant surprises, remember that many people use the social network for purposes that may be different from ours (get appointments, sell compulsively, comment or post nasty, etc)
  4. Finally, remember that if we have many contacts, it is not appropriate to publish when we are sad, the social network is not a therapist's couch. And if we are all vulnerable people they can approach us in order to take advantage of this situation.